Suspension of FBU executive council member for Scotland: here’s what we know

Chris McGlone - a dissenting voice on the FBU's executive council

THE FBU’s executive council (EC) member for the Scottish region, Chris McGlone, has been suspended from office. McGlone, seen as a critic of the current leadership, has served on the EC since 2015.

It has been reported that he was suspended by the union’s vice-president, Ben Selby. Selby is known to be a close ally of general secretary Matt Wrack.

A report by Selby will now be delivered to the general secretary, and a meeting of the EC will be convened to hear the allegations against McGlone. In the event the EC upholds the allegations, it may decide to remove McGlone from office, or even expel him from the union.

The news will be received with surprise and concern by members across Scotland, where McGlone was re-elected in 2019 and enjoys popular support.

McGlone is known for being a capable and competent official. He is also known for his willingness to speak up in opposition to the leadership of the union. He was one of a handful of senior officials who actively supported the-then national officer Sean Starbuck when he challenged the general secretary for his position last year.

It is no secret that McGlone’s refusal to toe the line has resulted in his being marked out by the leadership of the union. It is said that the general secretary has barely spoken to him in years.

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